FAQs how to get campsites near me

What does this service work?
You pick a campground and date you wish to stay, provide your smartphone contact number and we'll send a SMS text message to you once that campground becomes available. We find any available campsites within the campground selected however there are cases when campsites aren't cancelled so you won't hear anything from us, but rest assured our continuous 5 minute scans will let you know.  There are also cases when very popular campgrounds become available but are quickly reserved by other eager campers so it's important to act quickly when we do alert you. 
Give it a try and soon you'll be getting messages like this. 
alerts for campsites near me


Can I try the service for free?

Yes, we have a tree trial up to 5 campsite checks using the discount code 5NIGHTS  afterwards you can get give %50 off on your first order.

How much does the service cost?

We'd like to provide the service for free, however it costs some money to host a service that is continuously checking and alerting for available campsites. We believe $3 per check is a very reasonable charge and helps fund costs of hosting and maintenance.  These checks are based on a single campsite and date. For example, looking for single night would be $3, Friday and Saturday would be $6 etc. We try to provide the best possible price and don't require subscriptions or memberships for discount. 

Do you book sites?

No. We are not involved in booking for selling campsite spots.  We find campgrounds that are currently booked and let you know as soon as they become available. Availability is based on vacancy at the time when a campsite is cancelled or a new booking window opens. Once you're notified, you need to log in to the campground reservations website and make the booking. 

How do I know you actually check sites for me?

Our systems are checking 24x7 for available sites, we won't let you know unless a site becomes available. Sometimes they don't become available and a campground remains full. If a site becomes available, you'll get an SMS text message with the site name with date and website. We offer a 5 checks for free so you can try out the service with no obligation. We expect at least a few, if not all of those checks will result in a notification. 


Can I have my camp friends try out the service?

Sure, everyone can try the service using the code above, feel free to share.

Can I cancel or change my order afterwards?

You can let us know greatcampsites4u@gmail.com within 24hrs and we'll cancel or change your order. After 24hrs and before the first notification tells us which changes you wish to make.